West Blade Rotary Grater


The PADERNO West Blade Rotary Grater features an extremely sharp, patented photo-etched, stainless steel blade for consistent grating of hard cheeses and chocolate. The 2 to 1 gear ratio creates an effortless grating experience, while its bi-directional blade grates cheeses and chocolate when cranking forwards and backwards. Featuring a wide opening for larger pieces. 

    Technical Details
    • Extremely sharp, patented photo-etched, stainless steel blade for consistent grating
    • Wide opening for large pieces of cheese or chocolate
    • Bi-directional blade grates when cranking forwards and backwards
    • 2 to 1 gear ratio creates an effortless grating experience
    Care Instructions
    • Easy disassemble for dishwasher

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews

    After using the grater it works well. However, the flaw of the latch mechanism, a huge oversight by the design team, causes the grater to become unusable. Applying force to the upper handle almost instantly disengages the latch causing the blade and rotary handle to fall out of place. Another flaw is that cheese will flow down the channel of the main arm under the upper handle creating a mess. I am returning the product because of these issues. For Paderno, to solve the main issue of the latch is to redesign the grater with a locking latch; a simple slide or rotary would work. The area is available for one to be implemented above where the "latch" currently is. Implement this and you will have high quality cookware as your website advertises.

    J Sundquist
    Cheese grader

    Very poor quality of products

    I wouldnt recommend this.

    It is not built well and doesnt hold very much. I bought this to grade Parmesan cheese but it does not work well.

    Poor construction/design.

    Falls apart while grating. No matter how hard or soft you grate, and all your best efforts to re-align the part of the device, it eventually falls apart in your hands. The entire time it makes this weird clicking noise.

    Inner metal grater part works well though.

    Brenda Godby
    PADERNO West Blade Rotary Grater

    I like it, but, not 100% what I was hoping for. It works well but takes a lot of turning to get the amount of Parmesan I want/need whiling cooking up those delicious meals. Maybe an electric one is more suitable for me. Do you have an electric one possibly the same size. If so how much. THX Brenda Godby