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400/1000-Grit Knife Sharpening Stone

The PADERNO 2-Sided Sharpening Stone with coarse and fine diamond abrasives sharpens straight-edge stainless steel knives

  • Dual-sided design: Two sharpening surfaces for complete knife care
  • Fine 1000-grit surface for regular knife blade sharpening and polishing
  • Coarse 400-grit surface for rough reshaping of damaged knife blades
  • Steel sharpening stone with diamond coating
  • Blade guide included to ensure a consistent result everytime
  • Angle guide helps maintain consistent edge during freehand sharpening
  • Stone designed for use with or without honing solution
  • Includes cover to protect stone when not in use
  • Care Instructions: Clean and wipe the diamond stone surface dry after use and before storing. On occasion, carefully clean the diamond surfaces with a small amount of soapy water and a brush to remove any metal filings. Ensure that the stone is thoroughly dry after cleaning before being stored. Do not rinse or wash the stone
  • Caution: Always rest your sharpener on a flat, solid surface and grip the rear of the base for stability and control during sharpening. Keep hands and fingers away from the knife blade when sharpening

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