10-Speed High Power Hand Mixer

The PADERNO 10-Speed High Power Hand Mixer features a powerful motor and multiple attachments for a wide variety of mixing needs. In stylish black stainless steel, its 10 variable speed settings provide precise control and the ergonomic handle and controls allow for comfortable handling and operation. Includes dough hooks to easily mix and knead dough for bread, pizza, and other delicious recipes, and a whisk attachment that quickly whips for light, fluffy or creamy results. Silicone-coated beaters are safe for use with non-stick cookware, while the digital timer allows for easy and accurate tracking of mixing time duration.
Technical Details
  • The 10-Speed High Power Hand Mixer features a
  • Powerful motor and multiple attachments
  • 10 variable speed settings for precise control
  • Digital timer
  • Ergonomic handle and controls
  • Non-stick cookware-safe silicone-coated beaters
  • Dough hooks to mix and knead dough
  • Whisk attachment to whip until light and fluffy
  • Colour: Black Stainless Steel
  • 400 W
  • To prevent splatter, avoid pushing the beaters to the bottom surface of the bowl
  • For best results, it is recommended that the silicone beaters are used with stainless steel or glass mixing bowls rather than plastic

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Beater broke after a couple uses

Very dissatisfied with the quality of the beaters. After only a few uses one of the beaters completely became unsoldered to the main part. This could be dangerous at high speeds.

Brenda Coghlin
Beaters broken. Do not recommend.

I do not recommend purchasing the Paderno hand mixer. I paid the extra money to get a quality mixer that would last. After very little use the beater basket has completely separated from the post. I am very disappointed and feel ripped off.

Darcy Parsons
Bad beaters

I bought this mixer just before Christmas and I thought it was pretty good since it was fairly expensive. Today I was making cookies and one of the beaters came apart. I don’t have the receipt any longer so I’m sure no warranty. Can’t seem to find replacement parts for it.

Wing nut
Works great nice mixer

Great mixer but too pricey


Attachments broke in a month. One of the beaters with the silicone had to be thrown out after a month. The four legs because detached from the stem and wouldnt push back in. Now I have a hand beater that works at half the strength. Paderno was good before it sold out to CT. Just garbage now