Bouilloire à température variable


La bouilloire à température variable PADERNO permet un contrôle précis de la température ce qui la rend idéale pour préparer une variété de boissons

  • Cadran de contrôle dynamique et écran numérique pour une programmation facile
  • Bouton du couvercle à une touche qui ouvre le couvercle en douceur de la bouilloire pour faciliter le remplissage
  • Fenêtre de niveau d’eau claire avec des marques de mesure inclinées pour une lecture facile
  • Acier inoxydable noir
  • Garantie de 2 ans

Détails techniques
  • Customizable for precise control of water temperature
  • Ideal for preparing a variety of beverages
  • Dynamic control dial and digital screen for easy programming
  • One-touch lid button softly opens kettle lid for easy filling
  • Clear water level window with angled measurement markings for easy reading
  • Colour: Black stainless steel

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Upgrade to my kitchen

Received the Paderno Kettle to try out. I already had one, outdated and I would hide in my cupboards. This one is displayed proudly on my counter. It looks good, buy does it work??yes! Like too easy to use, if that's even a thing. It quickly boils water for my herbal tea and for my son's thermos on all days.

Good except...

Viewing area fogged up.

Beautifully designed and incredibly efficient!

I received the Paderno Cordless Programmable Electric Kettle with Digital Display 1.7L from Influenster and Paderno for free in exchange for my honest review.

This kettle is by far the most sleek, modern and beautiful kettle Ive owned! Upon using it for the first time I was absolutely blown away! Im a big herbal tea drinker and it boiled my water at the user manual suggested 90 degrees is 53 seconds! 53 seconds!!

I absolutely love that it has a limescale filter on it and multiple temperate functions depending on what you would like make is such an incredible feature. Before using this kettle I was not making my tea to correct temperature, as I just didnt know there was a difference. I have absolutely noticed the change in my teas with correct temperature levels and its made them that much more enjoyable each day.

Thank you @Influenster and @Paderno for this amazing product!!

Boils water but loud buttons

Ive been using this kettle for a few weeks thanks to Influenster for sending it to me. This programmable kettle allows you to keep your water hot after boiling. You. An select true temperature youd like to boil it to as well. The on and off button and noises it makes to alert you its finished boiling are incredibly loud. The kettle itself also sounds loud compared to others I have used before. Its a neat feature being able to keep the water hot but not enough that Id spend the extra money on this kettle.

An incredible new addition to the kitchen

I have been wanting a new kettle for a while in order to have temperature control for different beverages and this did not disappoint. It looks great on the counter, it heats quickly, and it keeps the water at the perfect temp for matcha, tea or a pour over coffee. Ill fully obsessed and so happy to have received it! Paderno is one of my go to brands and theres a strong reason why