Ouvre-boîte de sécurité


Ouvre-boîte sécuritaire PADERNO compact et équipé d’une lame en acier au carbone durable

  • Coupe le côté de la boîte tout en s’appuyant sur le bord pour accroître la sécurité
  • Tourne dans le sens horaire pour couper et dans le sens antihoraire pour engager et désengager la boîte
  • Poignée ergonomique à prise confortable 
  • Laver à la main seulement


1. Pour commencer, tournez la poignée dans le sens contraire des aiguilles d’une montre pour réinitialiser le mécanisme.
2. Tenez l’ouvre-boîte dans votre main gauche, avec le logo Paderno vers le haut.
3. Placez la barre en forme de U sur le dessus de la boîte.
4. De la main droite, tournez la poignée dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre jusqu’à ce que vous sentiez un léger engagement de la boîte et de l’ouvre-boîte.
5. Continuez à tourner la poignée dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre jusqu’à ce que l’ouvre-boîte fasse le tour complet de la boîte.
6. Tout en tenant la boîte, tirez l’ouvre-boîte vers le haut pour soulever le couvercle de la boîte. Remarque : Comme le couvercle est découpé sur le côté de la boîte, vous devez tirer vers le haut pour retirer le couvercle de la boîte. Il ne se soulèvera pas et ne se séparera pas comme avec les ouvre-boîtes traditionnels.
7. Pour libérer le couvercle en vue de son élimination, tournez la poignée dans le sens inverse des aiguilles d’une montre.

Détails techniques
  • Durable carbon steel blade
  • Cuts the side of the can, while folding over edge for increased safety
  • Ergonomic soft-touch grip
  1. To begin, turn knob counter-clock to “reset “mechanism.
  2. Hold the can opener in your left hand, with the PADERNO logo facing upwards.
  3. Place the U-Shaped bar on the top of the can.
  4. With your right hand, turn the knob clockwise until you feel a slight engagement of the can and can opener.
  5. Keep turning the knob clockwise until the opener travels around the entire can.
  6. While holding the can, pull opener upwards to lift the lid off the can. Note: As the lid is cut from the side of the can, you must pull up to remove the lid from the can. It will not lift or separate like traditional can openers.
  7. To release lid for disposal, rotate the knob counter clockwise
Conseils d'entretien
  • Hand wash only

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Alain Bouthillette
COuld not use it as to now, since Christmas!

My wife received this so-called "opener" at Christmas 2023. So far, we tried to use it 5 times, and had to return to our previous opener that we wanted to replace because not functionning properly. Mind you, we could open the cans while the new one did not do the job.
It was bought at Canadian Tire in Laval, but of course, being a Christmas gift, the person who bought it (our son) no longer has the invoice.
I will find out very soon how good the garanty is. But I would definitly not recommend it.
(PS: I do have a Triangle Credit Card from Canadian Tire. For now.)

Total disappointment

Had this can opener for under 3 months and already the spring or whatever is inside has popped out and we've barely used it 10 times.

Works well

Works as expected. SO far so good.

Cat Lady
Fails Quickly

It worked great for about a month. I prefer this style of can opener as it truly doesnt produce any sharp edges, and I had a similar one for a decade before it failed. I was thrilled when I found this can opener, and was very happy with the way it worked. Then the gears started slipping on more and more cans. It either doesnt cut or doesnt rotate around the cans, creating a mess thats even harder to open with a traditional can opener. It seems to only work on cans of a small diameter at the moment.

Put it back on the shelf and walk away!

I bought this cuz I love cool looking gadgets and innovations. I was mistaken. I have never had a more dysfunctional can opener than this. Do not buy. It does not cut the lids properly you cannot open the can after and if you do you're going to get metal slivers or sliced fingers. Go for the traditional and keep your skin intact.