Pinceau à badigeonner


Pinceau à badigeonner PADERNO en silicone à soies en silicone souples qui résistent à la chaleur pour badigeonner uniformément

  • Modèle novateur doté d’un mélange de soies fines pour les aliments délicats et de soies épaisses pour les sauces crémeuses
  • Idéal pour appliquer les sauces, les marinades et les glaçages
  • Repose-tête intégré pour les soies ne touchent pas les comptoirs
  • Tête amovible facilitant le nettoyage
  • Poignée ergonomique confortable
  • Soies qui ne tachent pas et ne retiennent pas les odeurs

Détails techniques
  • Flexible, heat-resistant silicone bristles for smooth, even coverage
  • Innovative design with a mix of thin bristles for delicate food and thick bristles for heavy sauces
  • Ideal for applying sauces, marinades and glazes
  • Incorporated head rest to keep bristles off counters
  • Removable head for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle
  • Bristles will not stain or retain odours

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great brush with a long handle

The long handle on this brush can't be beat, it makes things so much easier then the smaller handle brushes I had been using.

Quality product

Brush is made out of high quality materials. Haven't used it a lot but has worked as it should when used. Only thing that would be nice is a little tray to set the brush on when in use.

Long handle, durable construction.

The long handle makes basting a turkey very easy. Feels very durable.

Wonderful brush!

I was able to brush sauce on 2 dogs at a time.It also loaded up the sauce in the bristles as not to waste the bbq sauce.

Luxury product

It feels solid, heavy and well polished. Therebare many features stand out than a regular blasting brush. 1)?The brush is detachable for easy cleaning. 2) The brush also comes with a little bump on one side as a stand, so it can be laid on the counter top without touching the surface. 3) The brush is made of silicone for heat resistant . Its bristks are made with different sides for thin or thick sauces.