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Our new 4 blade slicer is the best in the business

Rudebega This updated version of the original Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer, created about 20 years ago, offers the same recognized performance, with major added features and benefits. Now included is a fourth blade that will make endless delicate angel hair strands, and a metal pin that is used in conjunction with the straight blade to make spectacular accordion-style vegetables in mere seconds.
Added features also include:
  • An enclosed, compact base that takes up less counter and storage space, but still houses extra blades when not in use
  • New encased blade compartment protects stored blades from dripping juices while operating the unit
  • Plates are easier to remove and insert: just slide in or out through a lateral slot
  • Accommodates both right-handed and left-handed users
  • Clear cover doubles as a tray and catches ribbons and strands as they are cut
  • Redesigned wheel now features extra teeth that are wider and longer
  • Newly-designed POM suction feet are wider for added stability during use
  • Oversized tabs are easy to grasp for an easy and immediate release
  • Redesigned spinning handle offers greater strength
  • Disassembles easily for storage and cleaning
  • Slicer comes with four blades. The sizes of the openings are: 3/32 (2mm), ⅛ (3mm), ¼ (6mm) and ⅛ (straight blade)
  • BPA free
  • Sturdy blade plates are made of ABS, blades are made of stainless steel
  • Patent pending
Slicer Comparison Chart
4 Blade Slicer 3 Blade Slicer Copies



Body and blade plates are made of brittle plastic that breaks easily.

Includes fourth blade that produces angel hair spirals and a pin that makes accordion cuts when used with the flat blade.

Body and blade plates are made of sturdy ABS plastic.

Suction feet don't hold during use and don't offer release tabs.

Cover doubles as a tray to catch food as it is cut.

Blades are made of cutlery stainless steel.

Weak connection rod in the handle breaks easily when pressure is applied.

Circular metal blade produces spaghetti-size core

POM suction feet offer slip-free grip to work tops during use.

Blades have imperfect fit and can be difficult to insert and remove.

Compact base and folding blade-holder take less counter and storage space.

Includes three blades that make thick or thin spirals, and flat ribbons.

Overall shorter lifespan.

Pusher lever accommodates right and left-handed users.

Spiral blades are stamped with size of the openings.


Wide blade plates, with oversize tabs, are easily inserted and removed laterally.  

Includes a storage compartment for two blades.


POM powerful suction feet are wider and have oversized tabs for easy-release.



Enclosed housing protects stored blades from dripping juices during use.



Stronger, redesigned turning handle.



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