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Spiralized Sauerkraut

Prep Time: 30 mins

Cook Time: mins

Fermenting is a great way to utilize the abundance of seasonal produce. Sauerkraut is one of the most versatile ferments..Use it to top sausages and hot dogs, add drained kraut to skillet hash or quiche, or make sauerkraut balls!
This easy recipe for the sauerkraut takes advantage of our spiralizer to knock out the chore or cabbage shredding.


  • 4-5 large heads of cabbage (you want a total of 4 pounds of shreds)
  • 2 tablespoons fine crystal sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon caraway seeds, optional


Insert the straight/flat blade into the spiralizer. Remove outer layer of cabbage leaves. Slice each end of the cabbage to create a flat mounting surface. Mount onto the spiralizer and process each head into shreds.
Place the shreds into a very large bowl. Add the salt and caraway seeds. (For smaller batches, use 1 tablespoon salt per 2 pounds of shreds).
With clean hands, begin massaging the strands. You want to squeeze and toss the shreds to encourage the cabbage to release its moisture. You will notice the shreds begin to lose volume as liquid is released. Massage for 10 minutes.
Grab 3-4 clean/sterilized, wide-mouth quart jars. Pack the shreds into the jars, dividing equally. Press down as you fill to ensure the shreds stay submerged in the juice you will be pouring in.
When you have filled the jars (leaving an inch of two of headroom), pour the liquid from the bowl, equally into the jars and press down again. You should see brining liquid above the shreds.
Fit a sandwich bag over each jar, folding the top down over the sides of the jar. Press inside the bag to ensure the shreds are submerged, then fill each bag with water.
Place each jar on a plate to catch any run over brine. The liquids can bubble and rise over the jar during fermenting. This is normal. You want to let your jars sit on a counter, avoiding sunlight, in a semi cool temperature of 65-75 degrees ideally, for 5-10 days. During the first day, press down inside the bag of each jar every few hours. If you notice the shreds are not submerged, you can add additional salted water made of a teaspoon salt and 1 cup water.
Each day, mix the shreds around and press the shreds down again. Recover the jar after you're done mixing. If you notice the shreds will not stay submerged, you can add some weight to the bag with marbles or other items with a little weight.
Begin tasting your sauerkraut after three days. Continue fermenting until the kraut reaches your desired taste.
To store: remove the bag/water, screw on the lid and store in the refrigerator. It will last for two months or longer in the refrigerator.

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